While no relationship is perfect, the healthy ones bring out the best in us. They make us feel confident about ourselves and challenge us to make positive changes when needed. 


But, what does a healthy relationship look like? How should a healthy relationship feel? Today, we’re answering those questions. Check out the 5 signs of a healthy relationship below! 

Comfortable Pace

Healthy relationships move at a pace that feels right to both partners. While it’s normal to want to spend a lot of time with a new partner, you should both be on the same page about how the relationship is progressing. 


You should never feel pressured to do something you’re uncomfortable with. If you set a boundary, your partner should respect it and wait patiently until you’re ready to take the next step!

Respect and Support

In healthy relationships, both partners should respect each other’s values and opinions. Of course, you won’t always agree on certain topics. What matters is finding common ground and attempting to understand each other’s viewpoints, even when you disagree. 


The same goes for hobbies and interests. You may not share all the same passions, but can still support each other in meaningful ways. For example, if you have a knack for painting, your partner praises your skill and encourages you to sell your work online. If your partner plays sports, you’re happy to attend their games and cheer them on. You both should be investing in the relationship equally, so both partners feel loved and supported! 

A Strong Sense of Trust

Trust is crucial to a healthy relationship. It promotes a sense of security and loyalty to your partner. It strengthens your bond and helps you to resolve conflict more efficiently. 


Trust is earned by respecting each other’s privacy, being clear with one’s intentions, and being there for the other person. It takes time to build trust, but the right person will do what it takes to prove themselves to be trustworthy!

Conflict and Accountability

It sounds counterintuitive, but conflict can be a good thing! When both partners feel safe to disagree, express their emotions, and resolve the conflict together, the relationship thrives. Supportive, loving couples always aim to find a solution, rather than to win the argument. As an added bonus, healthy conflict resolution increases trust! 


Taking accountability is the next step. Rather than cast blame on the other person when conflict arises, both partners own up to their actions. They put in the effort to make amends and commit to positive changes going forward. 


Your relationship should never feel like a chore. Instead, you should feel excited and happy to be with your partner. If you both feel safe to be yourselves, can easily envision a future together, and feel that life is better with the other person in it, congratulations! You’ve got a happy, healthy relationship on your hands! 


Of course, no relationship is happy all of the time. But, with the right partner, life is half as hard and twice as fun!

Don’t Settle

Healthy relationships take purpose, dedication, and work, but they’re always worth it! When you know your value and stand by your beliefs, you will attract the right person into your life.


Always remember: you deserve a fulfilling, lasting relationship. Never settle for less! 


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